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Ich hoffe die Person, die gemeint ist, weiß es ...
Lies es und verstehs ...


What is the problem
Are you taking me seriously
Is it a joke to you
Or maybe im a fool

Why am i trying
So hard to be the girl that you need
How is this fair to me
When you break through

This is to much
Dont call it love
You are the reason its so hard to trust
Boy this aint what i wanted
And now its got to stop

No more tears
Why did i let you have so much control
I gave my arm to you
And you pushed me away

Why are you here
Dont you see im letting you go
The damage is done baby
I have nothing to say

Its gone to far
Dont know who you are
I think its better that we are apart

Would you like it if
I did the same thing

Boy theres no excuse
Thats who you are...

4.11.08 17:40


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